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How much do our suites cost?

Pricing starts at $1.63 per stamp, ranging to $9.99 for event menus and $14.99 for the invitations themselves. The easiest way to determine the cost is to add all of the items you'd like with desired quantities to your shopping cart. But you don't know what pieces to add because you're not quite sure how everything works? Our suites are designed to be customized to your needs. Your ceremony and reception are in one place?  You don't need a Reception Card! You've decided you'd like your guests to RSVP on your website?  You don't need an RSVP Card! The only information you wish to share apart from what's on your Wedding Invitation is your website address, but our Details Card seems too big?  You can put it on one of our small enclosure cards (RSVP or Reception)! You think envelope liners are nice but not necessary?  You don't need them! 

Thanks, but you'd prefer a spreadsheet?  You can study our Pricing Chart. The only difference between using this and the aforementioned method is that you have to do the math. Please note, the chart does not include shipping and tax.



Yes, we offer custom services! 

We offer different levels of customization, which are outlined below. Please note that the below fees are in addition to item costs (see Pricing Chart). We provide estimates for custom orders, which can be requested by submitting a form on our contact page or by emailing If you'd like to get a sense rn, you can add all of the items you'd like from one of our existing collections with desired quantities to your shopping cart, take out your calculator, and tack on whatever fee below applies to the kind of customization you'd like to request. 

Customizing Existing Collections

Color Changes $250
Your wedding palette is all cotton candy and you'd like your invites to match? No problem!

Redesigning Compositions $350
You love all of the existing elements in one of our collections, but you'd like to move things around?  We can do it!

Replacing Painted Graphics $650
You really like the peonies in our Paradise Found collection, but you'd prefer Anemones instead?  Done!

Creating something from scratch

Single Piece $1200
You'd like your Save the Date to be an illustration of you and your fiancé riding camels in the desert? Cool!

The Full Suite $3000
You like our suites and all, but you really want something completely custom because this is the most important day of your life?  We hear you, boo.