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Our Namesake

Who’s Lore and why do we love her? Love Lore is named for Ali’s loving and vivacious mother, Florence. Ali inherited her mother’s attention to detail and the propensity, just like Florence, to keep every printed invitation and holiday card she’s ever received. Occasions are special to Florence. Ali recalls every Easter when Florence used her Sharpie skills to win the family egg-decorating contest—and encouraged Ali to pick up the candy-colored pens herself. Always putting her daughter in early learning situations, Florence is pictured holding baby Ali at her sister Shirley’s wedding planned by none other than Martha Stewart before she was THE Martha Stewart. Talk about early influencers, Florence is at the forefront of Ali’s greatest inspirations.

Photo credit: Weddings By Martha Stewart, 1987.



The Journey

Following the success of her greeting card brand, Lark + Raven, Ali Mac’s in-demand illustrations led her to create a new studio that allowed for exclusive custom designs for the bespoke bride and party planner. By honing in on her talents, she’s helped so many celebrate the most important moments in their life.

Prior to turning her passion into her business, Ali got her start as a designer for Jonathan Adler. It was there that she gained experience working on products ranging from greeting cards for Paperless Post to graphics for accessories & packaging.